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28 JULY 2017
07 Nov 2016
01 Nov 2016
25 Oct 2016
02 Aug 2016
29 July 2016
  • Dear All,
    Click here to download lnstructions for Submission of Checklists for Specified Persons
06 Apr 2016
  • Dear All,
    The Portal will be undergoing maintenance activity between 07th April 2016 - 11th April 2016 and hence the same would not be available to end users during this period.
    The portal will be shut down to end users on 07th April 2016 from 08:00 PM onwards.
    The portal will be available to end user from 11th April 2016, 09:00 AM onwards.
19 Nov 2015
30 Oct 2015
22 Jun 2015
  • To,
    All Corporate Designated Persons
    It is to inform that the Authority has paid service Tax on agents license fee w.e.f. 1-7-2012 to 31-12-2013 on behalf of its regulated entities i.e. insurers. However, subsequently committee constituted by the Authority vide office order IRDA/ACTS/ORD/MISC/068/04/2015 dt. 17-04-2015 has recommended to recover the above amount of service tax from respective entities.
    Therefore, the Authority has deducted the balances from web wallet accounts as per attached Annexure. The insurers may consider the same as invoice.
    The insurers whose web wallet balances are in -ve on account of deduction of service tax are requested to remit amount to web wallet accounts immediately.

    Please find the attachment for reference here.
3 Jun 2015
28 Apr 2015
10 Apr 2015
31 Mar 2015
31 Mar 2015
  • Dear All,
    Please download Insurer User Manual as reference for newly deployed Centralized Agency Database
    from below URL.
    IRDA User Manual
31 Mar 2015
  • Dear All,
    Following changes will be implemented on IRDA Agency Licensing Portal
    1.IRDA Agency Licensing Portal name will be changed to IRDAI Centralized Agency Database.
    2.Agency Licensing feature will be not available from today, 11 pm onwards.
    3.New module"Centralized Agency Database" will be added.
    4.User manual will be uploaded on Portal.
13 Mar 2015
  • Dear All,
    Please note that all the ATI’s for which Renewal Accreditation is expiring on or before 31st March,2015, the validity of accreditation is extended upto 31st May,2015.
29 Oct 2014
  • Dear All,
    All Insurers, Agents, Corporate Agents, ATIS's are hereby advised to communicate with the Authority through
    e-mails to following e-Mail id's in respect of all matters pertaining to agency distribution.
    All are advised to note that the Authority does not respond to communication received by it through e-mails of individual employees/officers.
    Joint Director
11 Sep 2014
  • Dear All,
    Insurance Institute of India is conducting train the trainer programme in respect of new IC-33 syllabus. The ATI’s in northern region, interested in nominating their faculty may take a note of schedule and sponsor the candidates for the said training.
    The training shall be held as detailed hereunder :
    Date: 16th September 2014
    Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
    Venue: Delhi Insurance Institute, 76, Janpath Delhi -110001
    Registration fees: Rs 100/- per participant
    Contact person: Rohtas Sharma at Delhi (9810104716)
1 Sep 2014
  • Dear All,
    In continuation to the Authority's communication dated 18th July, 2014 in portal, it has been decided to extend the permission to appear for IC-33 in old syllabus till 30.09.2014. All Life Insurers and ATI's are advised to circulate this among the candidates.
18 Jul 2014
  • Dear All,
    Candidates desirous of being examined in the old syllabus are to complete training on or before 31st July 2014. Candidates that complete their training after 31st July 2014 will be administered examinations as per the new syllabus.
18 Jul 2014
11 Jul 2014
  • To,
    CEO's of All Life Insurance Companies
    Circular Ref No. IRDA/AGTS/CIR/LCE/ 164/072014. For Agents Pre Recruitment Examination- New Syllabus (IC-33)
    New IC-33 Syllabus-Circular
13 Feb 2014
  • To,

    Corporate Designated Persons of all Stand alone Health Insurance Companies,

    The option to tag licenses of corporate agents with standalone health insurers is now available on portal, which will enable CDP’s automatic tagging of licenses. All CDP’s are advised to make a note of the same and use the option before availing the services of corporate agents of other insurers in terms of permission granted by the Authority vide Circular Ref: IRDA/CAGTS/GDL/028/02/2013.
26 Sept 2013
17 Sep 2013
27 Aug 2013
  • Please refer to Corporate Agency Licensing Checklist and find attached Performa of Annexure A and Annexure B for uploading along with checklist.
24 July 2013
  • To All Insurers and ATI’s,

    Sub : Issuance of passwords through email in respect of trainee agents of J & K region

    All ATI’s and Insurers operating in J & K Region and surrounding areas, where Short Messaging Services (SMS) services are banned by Government are here by permitted to send passwords to registered e-mail id’s of candidates desiring to undergo online agency training instead of using Short Messaging Services (SMS).

    This has the approval of Competent Authority.
30 May 2013
  • Dear All,
    All those taking exams today and tomorrow will be examined under the new passing percentage guidelines issued by IRDA. All those results will be intimated on 1st June'2013.
17 May 2013
  • Dear All,
    Reference is invited to the circular IRDA/CAGTS/GDL/028/02/2013. It has been decided to allow Standalone health insurance companies to avail the services of Agents, Corporate Agents of other Life/or Non Life insurance companies to distribute their products. However, in terms of this permission, any agent, corporate agent of Life and/or Non Life Company shall not offer his/her services to more than one Standalone Health Insurance Company. Towards this, a feature has been added on the portal , which allows stand alone health insurance companies to tag existing licenses. Use Tag License feature under Licensing menu. No Standalone Health Insurer is permitted to avail the Services of other Life and/or Non-Life company's agents in terms of the referred circular without tagging the license of the said agents with them.
06 May 2013
20 feb 2013
  • Dear All,
    It is hereby notified to all users of the IRDA Agency Licensing portal that issuance and renewal of licenses and certificates has been stopped until further order.
12 Oct 2012
30 July 2012
  • All ATIs & Insurers,
    Please read the caution notice attached here.
05 July 2012
  • For All Private ATIs,
    Kindly see the instructions in the attached document here .
14 May 2012
16 Apr 2012
  • Dear All,
    A new facility has been added which will allow the Insurers to add multiple email ids while confirming the candidates for examination. As a result, the bulk format for exam registration has been modified and hosted in the 'Exam Registration' menu. The same can also be downloaded from here.
06 Feb 2012
  • Dear All,
    Please note the addition of the following languages in the examination selection for IC-33
    Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Urdu.
17 Nov 2011
23 Sep 2011
  • NSEIT center is available for conducting online examinations at Bangalore from 15th October. For any queries for examinations at Bangalore and Mumbai please contact NSEIT helpdesk.
11 Aug 2011
  • PAN Lookup feature has been added. This allows the user to check if the PAN is allocated to any URN / License in the system. This is available on the Login page
  • Email notification on the submission of the Form B will be sent to the respective email id of the ATIs
02 Jun 2011
29 Apr 2011
  • Dear All, Please note that all the licenses/certificates without pan will be archived/removed from the IRDA portal effective 1st May 2011
21 Apr 2011
  • Please note that if the FORM B either not filled or is filled after the grace period of 10 days, the respective ATI login ID will be suspended. The suspension will be removed in the following quarter
16 Feb 2011
  • Dear All, please treat the following as a reminder of the alert listed on the what's new section on 20th May 2010,

    All the Insurers are required to ensure that the PAN numbers of all existing Agents/ Corporate Agents be updated on the portal latest by 31st March 2011.
04 Jan 2011
  • Please note that the Composite License request on individual licenses will not be allowed if the original license is within 90 days of its expiry or has already expired.
21 Dec 2010
09 Nov 2010
  • The Sponsorship Status report has been modified to include training details for both Insurers in case of Composite applications.
17 Sep 2010
  • The FORM B functionality has been made live. This form has to be filled in by all the ATI's at the end of every quarter. Necessary process document can be found below

    Please download the process document for Offline ATI.
    Please download the process document for Online ATI.

    Please note that for online ATI's, the form B also requires the User ID and PWD for IRDA to be entered. The User id and pwd if found to be not working, can also lead to suspension of their IRDA login ID on the portal.
02 Sep 2010
  • Please note the addition of the NEW report "URN-Transaction" under the reports menu. This report will help retrieve the URN and its transaction / batch id(s).
    This report is made available for use to the Insurers and the Exam Bodies only.
25 Aug 2010
  • Please be advised, that starting today the DP information for all the Insurer's will be made public. People will have access to this information via a ZIP file as a downloadable link.

    Since this information is made public, all the Insurer's are requested to update their DP information on a regular basis.
23 Aug 2010
  • Please be advised, that the following change has been made effective immediately
    For all fresh applications in the portal, if there is an ONLINE examination center available within 85 KMS (instead of 50kms earlier) within the point to point distance from the current pincode of the applicant, the Insurers will be mandated to select the ONLINE exmination mode ONLY
16 Aug 2010
  • Please note the following enhancement in case of Corporate Agency Licenses
    1: The Corporate DP needs to fill in the Checklist in case of fresh and renewal of Corporate Agents
        a: Fresh -- Here the CIE URN needs to be in examined state
        b: Renewal -- Here the CIE URN needs to be in Trained state
    2: The filling of the Checklist can be done by using the module "Corporate Agent Checklist" under the Licensing menu
    3: The Save option will allow filling / editing in the Checklist multiple times
    4: The Submit option will Send the Checklist for IRDA Approval, after which no changes will be allowed
    5: After filling in the Checklist, the Certificate for the same can be viewed / printed
    6: After submitting the Checklist, IRDA needs to approve the same
20 May 2010
  • All the Insurers are required to ensure that the PAN numbers of all existing Agents/ Corporate Agents be updated on the portal latest by 31st March 2011.

    From 1st July 2010, PAN would be made mandatory for all fresh/new agent applications.